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Sustainable chia goodness

Written by #1 Goodness Gossip Gal on June 18th, 2015.      2 comments

Goodness chia seeds come from a top-secret location way high up in the mountainous slopes of Central America, 6,000 ft altitude, only 20km away from a volcano. It’s home turf for chia seeds; they originate from this area and have been cultivated there for thousands and thousands of years. Seriously. 

It’s this mountainous landscape and climate that gives our chia seed oil the fancy 3:1 ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 essential fatty acids. Grown at high altitude, with super-fertile mineral-rich volcanic soil, the conditions are perfect for certified organic chia seeds. And the very talented locals have been in the know for generations when it comes to growing them.  
Chia and Volcano-716-28
We work directly with a cooperative of chia seed farmers. This cooperative is all about maintaining a sustainable, self-supporting industry for their communities and the environment. Working with expert labourers from within the community, the entire growing process is lovingly done by human hand – and horse and donkey! Harvesting is the only mechanical process; with harvest machines owned and share collectively amongst the cooperative. 
Our Coop meeting-760 Tilling Organic fields 6-575 Baby 4-600
Cooperative meeting Field ploughing  Baby chia field
certified bio The farmers in the cooperative all own small managed plots and use traditional farming methods producing organically grown seeds (pesticide and artificial fertilizer free). The sky and the mountains water the plants, (no man-made irrigation required) and any plant matter post harvesting is reintegrated back in the soil during the off-season. Now that’s some good goodness. 


2 Thoughts?

Katharine Birks says ...
This is inspirational - Long may it stay that way - please keep big business out of this and keep it local
Marianne Snell says ...
I agree with Katharine - Small farmers really know their land and the requirements to produce the best natural crops possible.
Big is not better.
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