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New Oil Rush

Written by #1 Goodness Gossip Gal on April 29th, 2015.      1 comments

Not bad kicking off our first piece press coverage in the NZ Herald's Wednesday supplement VIVA!

Goodness in Viva 19 04 2015-665

Here are the words: 

The interest New Zealanders show in natural products has prompted the company that bottled rosehip for the world to try its hand with a new plant oil. Trilogy won awards and sparked many imitators with its rosehip range, and now the parent company is banking on an oil from chia seeds being the next big thing, with a new brand called Goodness. 

"They may be eating them already," jokes brand manager Erica Andersen, explaining that health-conscious but cash-aware consumers are part of the target market, along with environmentally aware students, young professionals and mothers. "Someone who maybe hasn't tried natural skincare before, but is interested," says Andersen. 

The company decided doing a budget rosehip range wasn't the way to go, due to the many in the market since Trilogy popularised the traditional treatment oil. Chia is more of a general skin oil and included in each of the range's five items. Goodness will be sold at Farmers and supermarkets. 


1 Thoughts?

Simon McElrea says ...
Your profile piece in Viva! sure hit the mark! I bought myself a bottle, and now treat my face to 4-5 drops of all-natural goodness after washing in the evening ... it's all I need to know I'm being well taken care of!!

BTW, if it weren't this, it would be Trilogy's pace-setting Rosehip Oil!

Keep up the excellent work, Goodness!
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