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Allergies, diets & beliefs.

Written by #1 Goodness Gossip Gal on July 2nd, 2015.      2 comments

Here's all the info on Goodness for various allergies, dietary requirements and beliefs... 

  Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil Every Day Cream Cleanser  Every Week Face Scrub  Every Morning Moisturiser  Every Evening Cream 
Cruelty Free Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vegetarian  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vegan  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Certified Organic Yes No No No No
GMO Free Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gluten Free Yes No* Yes Yes Yes
Wheat Free Yes No* Yes Yes Yes
Kosher Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Halal  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dairy Free Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nut Free  Yes No** No** Yes Yes
Alcohol Free* Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

And here's the key with more in depth & useful info:
Yes  No worries here 
No  While all the products contain Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil as an ingredient, only the product itself holds organic certification. 
No*  Contains an ingredient called: wheat straw glycosides (and) cetearyl alcohol. This is an emulsifying ingredient and while it's processing before being added to our product should remove the gluten, we can't guarantee it. 
No** Contains sweet almond oil which may or may not be an issue for some. 
*Alcohol Free This means no irritating alcohol. We do use an ingredient called cetearyl alcohol as an emulsifier but it's a non-irritating waxy alcohol. 


Make sense? Any questions, any time - just give us holler!

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2 Thoughts?

goodness skincare fan says ...
I've been using this range for less than a week, and already noticed a huge difference in my complexion. I'm almost 5 months pregnant and my skin has been dry and flaky. I wanted to use a product that was simple, natural and good for my skin..without breaking the bank! I honestly look forward to every time I get to use these products because it feels so luxurious and clean. Can't wait for new products from this brand!
CHLOBO A says ...
The everyday cream cleanser is AMAZING!
I've recently just blogged about it here ( )
Hopefully I can try the rest of the range, thank(s) goodness ;) xx
brand new range

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